Well, we had high hopes for tonight given last nights great effort but one blast of the David G. Hall voice and Phil’s voice was wrecked.

Brad Rivkind joined Phil to promote a children’s bookstore in Las Vegas…a children’s bookstore with a very adult section! Back tomorrow and by God it will be better….In the meantime check out the archives, the video archives, our daily podcast, our classic podcasts and more….and make sure you visit the shop too for our legacy cd’s, T-shirts, shot glasses, coffee mugs and ball caps…

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    There ain't no mo-fo'ing ball caps.

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    Your kidding about the pay without complaint comment right? I once saw this hari krishnan walk up to a guy playing guitar on fourth ave in downtown seattle. He walked up gently placed a quarter into the guitar case. For ~3 minutes he listened with folded hands and a sour puss. Then when he reached down and took his quarter back, the guitar player pummelled him. Was that you?

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    lol @ Gillis. It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me, to expect someone to "guest" host. It just wouldn't work for the kind of show PHS is. All the guys he works with on his team, like the producer etc, are all pretty young. Do you think they can just turn on a voice like Harvey Wireman to talk about bowel movements to some sweet old lady? I don't think so. It's a rare talent.

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    No offense, but we pay (without complaint) every month for the "genius"of Phil…but doesn't he have some staff "up-and-comers" who can put on a show when he is down? It is a fact of life, we can't be 100% all the time ( especially as time goes by) and there has to be a plan "B." Give some new talent a chance….we will not love Phil any less, but will love the fact we have new and hopefully a fresh and topical feed for our subscription!

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    Phil, it is easy to overlook frequent salt water gargling (with hot water) because it seems so quaint, but sneakermac is right. It can absolutely knock the crap out of whatever you are dealing with. Every half hour or whenever you can.

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    I'm a teacher and had the same thing happen to my voice in February. The best cure is zinc tablets, gargle w/salt & warm water and don't speak a word. I did this starting Friday after school and didn't speak a word until Monday morning. Worked great !!!

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