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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Chris Norton of Norton 'Splodes Adult Entertainment joined Phil for a frank discussion of just how much money Chris' company has offered Casey Anthony for a "gonzo shoot." Chris said that while he can't pay her a lot of money she would have the confidence of knowing he is starring in it with her, shooting it, directing it, producing it and he owns the company. "Everything to soup to nuts..."

Harvey Weirman, attorney at law, broke down the Casey Anthony jury's performance for Phil and analyzed the lawyers. Mr. Werman was particularly critical of Jose Baez's team calling it "a menagarie of freaks" from Dorothy Sims and "her Bozo hair" to Anne Frinell whom Harvey referred to as "It's Pat" to Cheney Mason, a guy Harvey said was "such a big liar I don't even think that's his real name


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