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Thursday, July 28, 2005

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Hour One:

Phil drinking Starbucks at 11:00 at night and still being able to go right to sleep.....Don Berman of Channel 19 talks about the special news segment coming up, "Public Pool or Public Indecency" about the skimpy bathing suits that the girls wear and his illicit relationship with one of them....Herb Sewell, calling in from Bishop, talks again about hosting the web cast, being a child molester and now a world class bass fisherman.....Phil talks about his hatred of Ben and Jerry.....Father James McQuarters morphs yet again into, alternately, an illiterate African-American and a pervert....Phil talks about going back to Mass...

Hour Two:

Bobbi Dooly talks with Phil about the latest teenage craze of "Dusting" while her husband, Steve, uses Dust Off in the background and listens to Pink Floyd....

Hour Three:

Jeff Dowder calls in from Mint Canyon to talk about a skunk he hit earlier in the evening....Vernon Dozier's license plate says GAYSSUK but according to him it's not homophobic....Chris Norton makes the Space Shuttle docking with the Space Station sound "sessual...."......Bud begins turning Phil's mike on and off unbeknownst to Phil.....Frank Gray, Margaret's husband talks with Phil about the news and, as usual, gets his genders confused.......


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