Its a two hour Jay Santos extravaganza as Jay and the sub-commanders head to Arizona to protect illegal immigrants from angry white women, upset that Arizona’s SB 1070 has been blocked by a federal court….

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    I think a flare (as in a highway flare) drop is where Jay and the CAP stop cars by dropping highway flares.

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    Yeah Phil! Where did you "get" that guy Jay?

    Ohh Mannnn…..

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    Where did you find this guy? The only reason he’s not a member of the KKK or Nazi’s is his name’s Santos. Hummm, does that mean he’s not good enough to be a member of either group? Made for a good blood pumping show.

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    the Oregon Beaver Patrol??? the Florida Gator Brigade???the Pensilvania Simulated Patriots??

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    jay drops his L ,,, is he a gay man??? and can we get the background on Major Elvis Newton? or The New York Simulated Patriot Patrol???,,, A very concerned citizen….. and just what the devil is a "Flair drop"????? please do tell

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    When the callers get hot under the collar, it’s usually the makings of a good show.

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    Jay Santos to make my Friday morning farking amazing!

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