On the show tonight, Father James McQuarters tells Phil that new research showing sexual attraction between relatives as fairly normal means he has to adjust how he counsels people. If a woman comes in and says she’s got it bad for her nephew it isn’t necessarily a sin anymore.

In our second hour, Mr. James Longden of Greensboro, North Carolina is a conservative who believes that Obama is just tightening big government around the necks of average Americans. When Mr. Longden’s daughter called the police to tell them her father was slapping her mother around, James felt that Big Brother was using a family member as an informant. Yes he should be arrested, says James, but he’ll turn himself in…in due course. There’s still a lot of weekend left.

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  • blouseclowns

    Tubby Lane always sounded like a typical southern dumbass. Not so warner bros. and defenseless, the best part. If steve bosell isn’t the perfect southern dumbass, i’m curious who is.

  • Avatar

    As the hours drew on though, he started losing the southern part of his accent and started sounding a bit more like Vernon Dozier. Does Phil have a real white southerner in his box of voices? I love it when he does that accent out of the blue, like when he’s imitating a senator (say, on the white trash hearings), but I don’t think he has a regular southern white republican guest, does he? He does the voice so well he should use it more often.

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    if you want to put a sponsor on the frame of the videocast……you should ask Himler Muffler, maybe they have another Actung your engine deal

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    James Longden sounds kind of like Foghorn Leghorn, lol.

  • Avatar

    Oh man, I’m dyin!

    "I want to report myself — but, uh, I gotta warm up to it… take a run at it. So this weekend I"m gonna have a nice hot meal, get a lot of sleep, and think on it, go to church, maybe by Sunday night I’ll be ready to do it."

    Classic. Sometimes the show prep is the funniest part. It’s awesome hearing Phil just riffing, fleshing out the premise.

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