Thank you to all of those who came out to the one-man show last night. You BSP members are really what makes these shows work.

Dr. Ed Elcott filled in today and took some phone calls, including one from a now disgraced former member, Dean Wheeler.

Episode 175 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    More Herb, more Herb, oh wait did I mention, More Herb!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Great show

  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    “rectum, it damn near killed ’em”

  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    All Hail Elcott! I like Jerry.

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    Phil, do a little research on your newfound buddies in the hip hop community who have risen above all that “violent stuff” ’cause they’re rich now. Read and observe the cross-connections.

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    Joe Miller

    Need more On the Water with Kip

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    Buzz Schiffert

    To funny…Elcott talking about Elcar (he who’ name can’t be mentioned)

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    Herb Sewell

    did I just sound real gay?

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    Herb Sewell

    you see Patrick,, Elcott is all, I are Elcott I be Elcott,, you be Elcott,, Elcott be you,, be you Elcott? no do drug,, if the world is your oyster,, why do you persist in eating oysters.,, be one but not with ElCarr,, you need to open wide,, the pillars of your being and let Elcott slide into that dark cavelike opening of your existence , and let it explore the meandering tunnels of your innerbeing before experiencing the incredible explosion of Elcott love.. then you will be atlast free to explore the universe , and become seedlike,, a pod an Elcott pod,, a receptacle of love.. holding the very nature of Elcott love within you,,,,love and kisses, Herb,, aka Elcott subadmiral Northern Elcott District manager and burrito stand

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    Patrick Crosby (aka San Clemente Moose)

    I become more and more impresses with Ed Alcott each time I hear him. It is as though he were on a long spiritual journey to find himself. “Has anybody seen me today?” one can almost hear Ed ask. I don’t know, but I wonder whether Ed might be a descendant of Amos Bronson Alcott, who in 1843 founded a utopian community based on transcendentalist principles in Harvard, Massachusetts called Fruitlands. Amos’ daughter, Louisa May Alcott, wrote about the short lived social experiment in Transcendental Wild Oats. Today, Ed has become trans-substantial jam. No fuss, no muss. When was the last time anyone had to worry about spilling jam? Did someone say Western Civilization was declining? All hail Alcott!

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    David Harrison

    Could you please have a Fundamentalist Mormon discuss his or here situation with Dr.Elcott? The Wife quantity may be a bit of a problem.

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    ralph vigarino

    Phil, General Shaw should have his own weekly quick pod cast about his exploits in war. just a thought

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