Phil brought on both Dr. Ron Tarner and Professor Emory Clayton to talk about the ruptured water main in West LA that shut down parts of UCLA. However, the segment sidetracked into Dr. Tarner’s problems with Stephen Hawking and the fact Tarner can barely lift 30 pounds on the leg machine at his gym.

Meanwhile, Professor Clayton had a hard time remembering his own name as he talked with Phil about some bullshit, we forget what.

Obviously tonight’s one man show was discussed, and Phil congratulated Allen Grooms as the new VIP winner…

Tonight at the Improv we’ll also announce the date and place for show number three! If you aren’t there, be listening Friday.

Episode 174 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Robert Lesperance

    When are you bringing your gig to Miami? It would sell out real quick.

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