Aspiring LAPD officer Dave Oliva joined us in our first hour as some street activity was turning ugly outside the Staples Center, where the LA Lakers has just won the NBA title. Phil wondered openly where the police were with cars getting jumped on and fires getting set. Dave said that cops have to “weigh their options before they go in.” Do they want to “go home because their shift is over or go ahead and help out.” He also told Phil to be careful about flooring it to get out of there if he were stuck because he may find a crushed sombrero and poncho under the car and that means he ran over an illegal. “People’ll think you’re a Minuteman!”

Steve Bosell also joined us this evening to tell us his daughter’s middle school class has done it again. He has seen the light.  He though a little boy wearing toy soldiers on his hat was okay but his daughter and her middle school class, teachers and administration taught him what a warmonger he is. As Steve was being screamed at by one caller, his daughter passed him a question to ask the woman. “My daughter wants to know if, when you sit on your husband’s chest…” Phil cut him off…but not before Steve cried for the scumbag that died in front of a firing squad last night in Utah.

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    Love Steve Bosell but this episode fell flat for me. I think because the issue he was dealing with — his daughter and teacher and class — had too many layers. Didn’t feel credible after a while. My favorite Bosell bits are those where he has one and only one really dumb problem to deal with, invariably through a lawsuit. Just as a successful newspaper column takes on a single idea and deals with it in 600 words.

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    Why is it Echoing? Is it just me or is it in the pheed?

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    once i heard a foreign tennis player call an american a "bloated sea pig" and i wished jay santos would "take it up a level" with the foreign tennis pro.

    ps when are going to reopen the goody shop, i want a citizen aux. police hat. i will pay whatever you want mr. hendrie!!!!!

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    Me: Dear Phil, I click on the recently arrived Videocast link, but I can’t see, I can’t see!

    Phil: Why not?

    Me: Cause I have my eyes closed. Ha Ha

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    I thought that lady was going to miniaturize herself into the phone (ala Bud Dickman strangling Darren Brown) and murder poor Steve and put him out of his misery!

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    That screaming lady caller yelling at Steve Bosell was very funny. I bet her blood pressure was nearly ready to burst. Nice going Phil.

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