Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police teamed up with the Gator Brigade of Central Florida to hunt pervs at the opening of the Wizadry World of Harry Potter in Orlando. As usual Jay is checking people out to make sure they aren’t adults just taking advantage of the availablity of “so much veal.” Jay also is suspicious of adults that don’t look like their kids so he asks them “are you sure your wife was always faithful to you?” Later on David G. Hall gave Bud permission to blow a vuvuzela everytime he heard something cool. When Phil read a headline about a woman trying to lose her fear of monkeys by going to an island filled with monkeys, Bud blew the horn. Chris Norton talked about the guts it takes to have a Brazilian wax for men and the fact he charged women 5 bucks a head to watch him get one.

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    Where are the sixth day videos?


    Someone is bugging Phil about a ground loop?? You gotta be kidding me…


    Where are the sixth day videos?

  • Ken

    Hey Phil!

    Ever consider having Jay Santos take over hosting the show for an hour? Citizens Auxiliary Police / Art Bell Coast to Coast type callers?

    Would be interesting to hear what he’d do with an hour of radio time 🙂


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