Phil and the crew got into a foul and offensive discussion after jumping and beating up General Gaylen Shawn for commenting on “how many p****** Marilyn Hickey can fit in her m****.” In his defense he did ask Phil to tune the TV away from The Word Network. Margaret had to walk a few off this morning…

Phil then asked the crew why every morning the show started off with some dysfunctional, emotional fistfight. General Shaw then busted into his rendition of “Jive Turkey.”

Larry Grover was going to discuss the Iraq situation with Rudy Canoza until Gloria, his mother, called in from an “Elcott-The Next Step” seminar in Oakland and asked if he got the hard boiled eggs she made for his lunch. …

Phil’s on stage July 30 with his second one-man show, “The World of Phil Hendrie: Truth Is Our Bitch” at the Hollywood Improv. Scramble up some tickets…

Episode 145 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Dorian Hight

    Bakian saying “We got some jive ass traffic out here.” just killed me!

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    Paul Barufaldi

    Phil, why don’t you give Bud a break?

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    Paul Barufaldi

    Bud even said “that mouth could take two penises”.

    Even your news accomplishes told you how many penises in her mouth.

    It’s a legitimate question!

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    Paul Barufaldi

    Hey Phil, u r old!

    What’s the name of the Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemon movie?

    I think it’s black and white.

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    Ricky Graber

    This show rocked.
    The in depth discussion
    of Miss Hickey’s oral cavity.
    “In Jesus Name” ..AMEN

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