Today it was Dr. Ed Elcott talking to Father Guy Jack Rabinowitz, a member of the Elcott clergy, about the Diminishing, that which shrinks or shrivels the ego and Hop Singh, the Elcott method of prayer which, respectfully, treats God like a 19th century Chinese “houseboy.”

Episode 146 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Impossible to listen to this and not laugh

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    Ricky Graber

    I am wearing my ELCOTT T shirt and NIke’s
    waiting for the spaceship ..
    My voice is a considerably higher register
    I have raised my consciousness frequency.

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    Tom Simshaw

    Is Father Guy actually Gene Wurfner?

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    All Hail Elcott, love that music, great show, feels like he’s brain washing me with that music. WOW!!

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    Paul Barufaldi

    wo huo zhongren ma!

    I speak chinese!

    You motherfuckers! Hopsing i don’t even know.

    You must be some kind of pervert!

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    Paul Barufaldi

    I can’t get over his command of CONTEXT. This Elcott business is just so out of nowhere and clever.

    Yeah, it’s relaxing like new age stuff, but has enough SPOOF to it to actually keep me listening, where the “real” stuff fails.

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    Ricky Graber

    Mike’s comment is freakin hilarious:
    It’s relaxing ..In a weird way.
    I couldn’t agree more…
    It’s the NewAge shit behind the voice..
    and we are not having our brains bludgeoned by a bunch of white boy hacks
    or HipHopsters rappin bout their COCK
    and how much roast beef they are eating and or banging.

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    Paul Barufaldi

    When I first heard Elcott, I was like WTF is this shit???

    Now it cracks me up. I too are Elcott am!

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    Ricky Graber

    I called customer service and sent emails
    I am a loyal BSP member and I logged on today for the live show and I got
    fucking ROY MASTERS masturbating on a webcam.
    Please rectify.

  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    All hail Elcott.

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    Calvin Kaiser

    Great show! It seems like Phil has just created another crazy character out of thin air like, a just a week a go. This Elcot nonsense is great. And it is relaxing in some weird way?

    Plus, last night’s show was so damn funny. The jive turkey and the general’s mouse fart, omfg. I had to listen to the show a second time through because I was laughing so fucking hard I couldn’t hear half the show the first time.

    These shorter shows may be better. There are so many great podcasts and books and media to consume in a day, sometimes 2 hours a night is too much really.

    You rock Phil. Thanks for all the great shows!

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    karsten Nicholson

    Give the man a break. I don’t care if it’s 5 fucking minutes just so long as I get my fix. Ahhhhhhhjj!!!!!!

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    john arant

    Phil- I’ve been a bsp member for 2 years. I
    Listen to you about 11 hours a week pulling
    For you to get a tv gig or something , whatever
    You’re shooting. Questio- how long do you think
    It’ll be before you get back to your 2 Hour
    Shows. You’re like crack. Gotta have my daily
    Fix. I hope you get the tv gigs and make
    A shit load of $$$. Respectfully,

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