Tonight is was Vernon Dozier, high school teacher, on why a 16 year old girl would take off on a bike and then say she was kidnapped as happened in Northern California recently. The girl was actually with friends where she shouldn’t have been. But Vernon says most of these girls grab their bikes and ride over to “the rich side of town to have sex with a guy who owns a hockey team.” (He played “Poor Side Of Town” by Johnny Rivers here) Leave the kids alone, reasons Mr. Dozier, as they are just looking for some privacy after their mothers “shoved their big noses into the girls diary.”

Mavis Leonard, elementary school teacher, supported a Massachusetts program that passes out condoms to 6 and 7 year olds, even over the objections of their parents. “We don’t need children from families with syphilitics in their medical history jumping off of daddy’s flat-bed truck and hobling into school infecting our teachers.” Phil was so disgusted he hung up on everyone…Mavis, the callers, everybody….

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    im a gay man and a gay doctor.. Phi.l ,, Phil>>??? you know im gay,, right Phil>>?? Phil?? there,, suck on that,, and your adopted too.. Savvy??? all my love , a loyal backdoor listener

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    If you know,, why am I NOT a supernova? Thank you for a prompt response. Houseboat Rob.

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    Well, i’m terribly upset that it is up so quickly. So very upset.

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    My compliments for having things up so quickly today. Your guys do good work, Phil…

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