Friday night we had Steve Bosell, a construction contractor from Corona, Ca., who is suing his church, Corona Christ, for ordering him not to continue showing a YouTube video he made with his kids. In it, he pretends he’s throwing a puppy off a cliff to “satirize” the marines that did the same thing in Iraq. When he showed the clip as part of a comedy act he does for his church festival, no one laughed and his pastor told him not to come back ‘for the dinner show.” Steve is suing for damages because “them not laughing makes it look like Christians can’t have any fun.” Later, Bud and Robert perform in another episode of “Ironswine.” In this one, Bud, as Ironswine, pretends to be a Jew in Holland to try and trap anti-semitic people. He stands around singing “If I Were A Rich Manuntil he gets hassled by Robert, playing an anti-semitic Dutchman, and arrests the culprit….In the final hour, Margaret popped on to say that a woman arrested in Salt Lake for plastering fliers depicting a 13 year old girl in a local school as having had bestial sex did a bad thing but lets put this in context. What if the woman was trying to ward off this kid and her mother from “tag-teaming her son.” Margaret claimed it happened to her when a 13 year old and her mom were hitting on Jason Jay Delmonico

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    also, Ironswine <3 <3 <3 <3

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    I totally understand what Jason is on about. I feel more comfortable with a Jewish doctor, too. It’s even better if they’re from the former USSR. It’s just a comfort thing, I guess? If I can’t find a Jew I’ll go for a woman. My current primary physician is a woman but not a Jew. The proximity to where I live is important, too, or else I would have found a Jewish doctor somewhere else.

    Right now I’m looking for a shrink. LOL, there are TWO Jewish ones in Bellevue and one of them is not taking new patients. Hmmmm, that was easy 😉 How do I know they’re Jewish? It was one of the search factors. I dunno if this is just for the Mental Health Clinicians or if it’s the same for all doctor searches on that site.

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