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Thursday, June 3, 2010

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"Best Of" on the Radio

Classic Shows on the Videocast:

Thursday Feb 10, 2000 -"Valentines For Single Men" Rudy Canosa joins the program to give advice to single men who want to enjoy Valentines Day without being in a long-term relationship. Rudy says picking up on married women and then dumping them is a good way to enjoy the weekend

Thursday, May 18, 2000--"Glock In My Bitches Ribs" Lloyd Bonifide discusses the NRA and explains why we have the Million Mom March to thank for the recent surge in membership.

May 31, 2000--Chris Norton joins the program, he runs a website called featuring photos of him that will remind older women how great it is to be with a younger guy.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005--Father James McQuarters is on to tell Phil that he allows kids to use foul language on campus until Hurricane Katrina blows over. Listeners believe that Father James lacks respect because he does not demand it or conduct himself in a proper way. Phil plays a flashback of Bob Greene...The 30 Minute Delivery Service. 

Tuesday July 5, 2005--Art Griego is a retired commercial pilot who believes local baseball diamonds should be turned into private aviation strips where kids can learn how to fly. He says hits far less likely a plane from the strip will crash into your house than a foul ball "will come sailing through your kitchen window and while you turn to get more Gerber's it takes your kids head clean off."


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