Margeret Grey was on to talk about the Gores, Al and Tipper, and the possible end of their 40 year marriage. Margaret told Phil and his listeners that if Tipper wanted to follow Al into his new world of television and Nobel Prizes she should have gotten a vaginoplasty because after having four kids Oprah would most likely ask her about it. That would have been Oprah, their new neigbor had Tipper and Al moved into the new $8,000,000 hut in Montecito, California he coughed up for.

Bobbie and Steve Dooley were on later to discuss new CC&R’s they have enacted at Western Estates. These would require men aged 18 to move out of their childhood homes and find their own places. Bobbie is concerned with a new “bum class” of young men, hanging around pools, drinking beer, wearing shades and scaring old women because their parents haven’t got the guts to throw them out. Bobbie would do it to her three sons once they reached 18….but they are special boys and therefore exempt.

David G. Hall made a special call to the show from where he was “having meetings”, the Chumash Casino. He heard Phil say, on air, “I think I blew a preamp” and was concerned that Phil ran afoul of FCC regulations. Phil explained what blowing a preamp meant but Hall didn’t get it.

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    "I’ve got two…(one, two) – Three! I’ve got three words for you: G.I. Bill."


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    U GODDAMN RIGHT PHIL!!!! Winning isn’t easy! Shit, if it was, everyone would do it!!!!

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    LMAO at the Tipper Gore bit. Margaret Grey ROCKS!

    Wondering if Tipper will get half of "THE INTERNET" in the divorce?
    After all, Al did invent it.

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    Hmmm…. I punched web page up while settin’ up an sipp’n Perrier and a wine chaser and caught Phil on a rant and F’n into the video cam. I thought "damn, that Jason is bending over again for some serious spanking…" then realized Phil was after much bigger buuggers. Hope you got the fire-power, Big Boy… good hunting!

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    one last thing – thank you for sticking up for Israel. Why would anyone attempt such a thing against a country with such a strong military and a history of being picked on? HELLOOOO!?!?!?

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    Jack Palance in 1974 was the best Dracula IMHO. (I share a birthday with Bram Stoker <3)

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    Fuck them sons o bitches! We got u phil.

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    Just caught what Phil said on the videocast. Bless you, sir. You described the radio biz to a T.

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    Loved the "Tightening Up Tipper" first hour of the radio show…

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    a-fuckin-men phil,
    you do your thing,
    we love your show.

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    AMEN, BROTHER! (again, why I’m not in radio)

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