Tonights guests included David G. Hall asking Phil about his recent business trip, RC Collins talking about Pakistan drone strikes, Larry Grover questioning his own and others sexuality, Marylin Donnelly questioning Larry’s sexuality, Margaret Grey trying and failing to sing “Sentimental Lady” and Frank Grey getting so gender confused he discusses Romney and Obama while referring to each man as ‘her.”

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    don't ever say you're tired of RC Collins.

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    @Pinkmango: Thanks for suggesting that episode… I'm going to check it out tonight!

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    Sorry but I am tired of RC Collins. Its like he is on every night,

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    I agree. My favorites also have a crescendo, wherein the "hook" starts out small, but then gets bigger and bigger as the bit goes on. Here's a great, one guest, one topic, great callers, Phil laughing at the guest, bit of crescendo'd perfection:

    Tuesday, November 16, 1999
    Hour 1:
    "Rebounding from a Heart-attack" Art Griego explains that because he is in such prime physical shape that he can continue to smoke cigarettes and eat red meat even after having a recent heart-attack, not every man can do that!

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    Sometimes Phil's pitting of one character against another is comedy gold, though. Vernon Dozier's clash with Jay Santos during the "Frankenstein Stroll" hour was one such occasion. That alone was worth the subscription price for the whole month.

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    You are totally right. As a long-time fan, I just love the nights when Phil is one-on-one with a great guest, discussing some topic that rubs Phil the wrong way. Then open up the phone lines and it's pure gold…

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    Dr Jim Sadler once explained that the reason for his speech impedement was secondary to a Panda chewing off his tongue after french kissing it.. he never really did explain just exactly why he was french kissing said Panda,, but more recently he treated a "Client" named Randall Toomey who ate a family whilst on a camping trip,, he started with the face………………………..

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    I love the characters, but I find these multi-guest/multi-topic episodes require a lot of attention span, so I find myself tuning out trying to listen to them at work. I hope Phil brings back more of the single-topic segments… those are easy to follow and are usually a riot.

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