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    Phil & Company…..PLEASE procure the "Ted's of Beverly Hills" hoodie BUT in a TEE SHIRT. Put me down for at least 5. I need them for the summer.

    You guys are GENIUS and will pay everyday of my life to hear your shows.

    Johnny in Hampton, Georgia

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    Timmus, I went to the 1999 show you suggested, it was great, thanks. While in the vicinity I stumbled across a hysterical episode on November 9, 1999. it's called the "State of the Show" where Phil's attorney is giving him a review of his newly syndicated performance. There's nothing better than a Phil Hendrie show that literally makes you laugh out loud. This one's a  "GD" riot!

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    If these don't do it for you, I suggest going back in the Classic archives to 1999. November 4, 1999, Hour 3: Brass Villanueva blaming the LAPD for his friend getting an electric shock while busting off an ankle bracelet. Don't miss the ending with Brass Villanueva left alone with a song by The Doors.

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    HOUR 1 – (1/11/12 Hour 2) – Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police commented on a video showing a woman being struck by a police officer aboard a commuter train. "People need to understand that you need to show a police officer respect. Stand up straight, don't chew gum, don't have your hands in your pockets and don't give us no code talk like 'Wow, you know where I can get a piled pork sandwich?' We know what that's about," said Jay.

    HOUR 2 – (3/30/12 Hour 1) – Bob Green, the CEO of Frazier Foods, a large retail grocery chain in the southwest and southeast, joins the show tonight to talk about the Mega-Millions jackpot. Selling the winning ticket to a blue-collar or homeless person can mean humiliation for a guy like Bob as he goes from being a role model for that person to being his "house slave."

    HOUR 3 – (3/30/12 Hour 2) – Hour 2 of previous segment (Bob Green on lottery tickets).

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