We had Margaret Grey chastising Phil for say he understood a man wanting to kill the murderer of his son once the killer gets out of prison. “He’s gotta get over it,” said Margaret. And Clara Bingham, middle wschool teacher, talked about keeping the interest of her students “charging the atmosphere” of the classroom; sticking her rear-end in the air, reaching up under dress to straighten her panty-hose and the “baseball mitt,” pushing a kids head between her breasts.

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    sittle…."I have to ask this delicately…..Were you the ball in a catcher's mitt?" – Clara

    I think you got it wedged into a ball bearing…;))

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    PhilForPresident for President!

  • blouseclowns

    yeah. you ever heard of the bottle opener?

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    Special thanks to Sittle for keeping straight guys current on the latest gay maneuvers and lingo. Pinky tickler? Man, you guys name everything!

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    This was a great show, and Gary Dupree WINNING!!

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    KampusKop…. Your question has been bothering me all day… That story was tailor made for Herb, Walter and the Sex Offenders League… That bit would've wrote itself.. I guess phil needed a challenge to make phunny tonight… ?!?

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    Classic Phil tonight. Lots of good Margaret lines.

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    Why on earth was Herb Sewell not featured for this????

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    Videocast is not working for me either.

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    The videocast isn't playing for me. Anyone else?

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    On Margs' bit, Phils setup was quite dramatic for this bit, this one is right in his wheelhouse, weird freaky murderers. Phil and Margaret take opposing views on this setup, but I don't feel we heard enough out of Margaret on the setup… And what we did hear wasn't overly complelling, or hillarious, it was weak and lacked details.

    Phil played the outraged host well… Marg wasn't very convincing as a liberal, imo. No impassioned speeches, no condescending diatribes to callers. The callers also lacked passion… They were dry, until the 30 minute mark.

    Marg had a great interaction with Skyler. The bit seemed to pick up after the 30 minute mark… not a lot, but at least it got entertaining.

    It's nice to hear from Clara again. Great material for her. Good setup, actually phunny a couple good laughs in it. It's a basic premise as Clara and Phil discuss Glee, morals and sexuality in teaching.

    The bit escalates at the 15 minute mark as Clara reveals her "catchers mitt"…. great! Its a decent listen, Clara had some good cuties. And the conversations were passable. I know it would've been funnier if there were more scenarios or situations described by Clara of her in class hijinks. Great song outtro… Well done. Nice touch.

    Gary Dupree makes a brief cameo in the 3rd hour… Thank christ.

    On the Danger scale, 2 Gay thumbs down and 3 gay thumbs up…. and a pinkie tickler for Gary!

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    If someone like shittle was constantly posting on my site, I'd turn ALL the comment sections off.

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    Would someone explain why 'comments ' are turned 'off' most of the time.

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