“Best Of” on the Radio!

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    Looks like Ken has been had! Well put points but I think sittle is Hendrie.

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    Ha! Great to know that after listening all these years, Phil can still pull a "gotcha" on me. Phil is a Master, baiter!

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    AMEN cknoderer! The GREAT MAJORITY of PHS listeners and anyone with even half of a brain cell, pays for their BSP, listens, watches and enjoys Phil. Rarely, if EVER do they post comments on this site (LIKE ME, HELLO?) So what you end up with are these sad sacks of self-anointed donkey crap who spend every day of their meaningless lives bagging on Phil's show because they need something to do while waiting for their midget porn sites to load, and because it lends importance to their otherwise worthless existences… The result is a daily string of comments that are TOTALLY OUT OF LINE with the thinking or opinions of THE VAST MAJORITY of folks that listen and ENJOY Phil's show. It seems so simple to me…if I didn't like the Phil Hendrie Show, I WOULD NOT TUNE IN, OR VISIT HIS WEBSITE! But then again, I'm not a parasite, desperately searching to validate my reasons for using up perfectly good air. It has occurred to me that the defamatory comments might be made by Phil himself in order to make his website as entertaining as his show. If this is the case… touch

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    Lets hope it's the best of 2003

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    Just ofiering my opinion to Phil. Screw what they all say. Go back to doing your original format with bits and what not. You know what it takes to make your show rock. Your show. Make your own rules. We'll follow. No matter where you're broadcasting.

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    So if Phil shows up for work tonight will it be more Charlie Sheen bits? I guarantee Mr Sheen has no idea who Phil Hendrie is.

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    At least you have the courtesy to put BEST OF in quotes… Very true…

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