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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Ted Bell announces a new ad campaign: Ted’s 6 Things! He and Chef Chodillia roll it out but the ghost of ad campaigns past comes calling. Bob Green has a few in-store promotions that seem rather direct including: “You probably live in a toilet. Try Quick-Ease Paper Towels.”

The BSP Classic Hour is from February 2004. Justin McElroy, teenager, promotes Youth for Truth. “If parents are going to molest us, go ahead but don’t make us listen to your baby boomer drug music.”

Episode 1375 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Fernando

    Any idea what song played right before Bob green interview?

    • TwiceRemoved77

      Never heard that one before, but quite possibly the Ex Cops, the band/show opening song (and has been used a lot). Now I’m curious, heading to Ex Cops at free music archive to see

      • Fernando

        Listening to their discography, I don’t think it’s them, thanks for getting to me 😋

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    I just drank a quart of Slambolya… I hope you’re happy

  • Marc Bell
    Marc Bell

    “Slambolia, find it in the dairy section of your liquor store.” Love it!!

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