Hour 1:

The Phil Hendrie Show presents… the All Request Show! Featuring such memorable and classic bits as “Saddam”, “All You Can Eat Negro”, “Drafting For Gas Mileage”, “Pastor William: Werewolf!” “Herb Sewell: Jackson Not Guilty”, and “Collins & Dickman.”

Hour 2:

The All Request Show continues with… “The Cobra’s Out”, “Free From Housefires” “Vernon: Gas Station Owner” “Burning Bugs” and “David Hall vs. Silvia”

Hour 3:

Convicted child molester Herb Sewell joins the program to share some research he assisted with at the university. He believes that women who are stay-at-home mothers might be molesting their children.

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    Don Sloan

    Hr 2 the greatest caller of all time… Silvia. I wonder if she and the golf course greenskeeper died of heart attacks.

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