Hour One:

David Hall got on the air and screamed at Phil about having some “Irish” material on the show since it was St. Patrick’s Day. So Phil brought on Father James McQuarters who sang, accompanied by a harmonica, “The Catholic Priest Blues.” Tsunami Sam then came on the air and opened up with a tune called “Scott Peterson On The Last Mile.” He’s playing the blues until suddenly he breaks into “Danny Boy.” We then ran our listener flashback and then took calls from people complaining that the streets outside the studio were shut down because of a bank robbery. So what if a teller got shot in the face? They want to get home to watch the mung they’ve Tvo’d. Phil then interviewed Scott Peterson who told Phil, yes, he contracted for the murder of his wife but the actually killing was done by Martin Lawrence, Bea Arthur, Jim J. Bullock and Rhea Perelman and he’ll swear on a stack of Bibles that he’s telling the truth. Then we had on Astrologer Kip Brown, “…the only astrologer who isn’t a bald-faced liar.”

Hour Two

Bob Green, CEO of Frazier Foods is excited about his Manager/Employee Relations Seminar that will help bring employees to a greater understanding of what managers are up against. He tells Phil that one listens with they’re ears, not their eyes, so it doesn’t matter that during a recent job evaluation interview he was looking at a female employees breasts and “butt.” He was still listening to her so what’s the big deal.

Hour Three:

At the top of the hour the guy that robbed the bank across the street calls in. He says he’s just trying to make his way to Magic Mountain to ride the Tea Cups. Phil tells the guy the Tea Cups are at Disneyland. The guys as dumb as Dickman. Steve Gruesome’s Marriage Encounters Show features Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth. The trouble they are having in their marriage is that Prince Phillip has commented publicly about the Queens shorts being streaked and has had the habit of sniffing his fingers after shaking hands with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Bob Bakian is in the chopper ready to report on the bank robbery but realizes he is nowhere near the scene. Then Phil tells the listeners how sweet a remote broadcast and party with the fans in Cabo would be.

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