Hour 1

Herb Sewell was on to talk about the Michael Jackson case. Mister Sewell himself was locked up for “certain crimes.” and thinks Michael Jackson and what he is alleged to have done is no big deal. Then at the end of the hour, as part of his therapy, Herbs shrink, Dr. Bruner, comes on and encourages Herb to sing Billie Jean and Rock With Me.

Hour 2

Bobbi and Steve Dooley, President and Vice President of the Western Estates Parent Teacher Organization are on to talk about the annual candy bar sale and magazine subscription drive the kids at their schools do to raise money. This year, Bobbi has earmarked some of the money raised to be used for her and Steve to take a “working vacation” in Mexico. Bobbi wants the kids to get out there and really sell so she uses, as their motivational symbol, the pine cone (please reference Mepham High School, Long Island, New York, hazing incident, 2003)

Hour 3

Steve found out that his ancestors owned the ancestors of a business associate who shares the last name “Bosell”. Now Steve wants to sue him for not coming to a “family reunion” BBQ.

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