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Thursday, March 22, 2001

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Colleen Kristin Brewster started the show to discuss her Final Four Tour. She's tired of being seen as just a really cute face and sexy body. She can talk sports and other men's topics, so she's booking a tour for "really cute girls" who want to be more than just a sex object.

The second hour had a brief technical glitch (the microphone was temporarily out), so Phil ran tape from March 8, 2001 (Austin AMarca on Troy Aikman).

Once the mic got fixed Phil closed the hour with a rant about the recent El Cajon shooting.

Doug Dannger wrapped up the show with his demands about his Oscar seating. He says that he needs seats in the first 10 rows so that he can see the actors and judge their sincerity. If not, he'll just start outing Hollywood people.


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