Bob Green joined us in the first hour as a designer of fashion wear for large women. Bob says that women are not full figured; they are enormous, which means there is an opportunity for some lucky guy. “We have mini skirts, bikkinis, and tight clothes, because fat women can dress just like skinny women.”

Phil called Katharine in the second hour for some cutesie-poo. A guy called from Chatsworth to tell Phil that he hates him for making the listeners sit through his self-inflating “family man” routine. He said that he can’t have kids and that was like molesting him.

Phil then ranted about fan letters and those who write them. “I’m more interesting than any song on the radio.”

Bobbie Dooley joined us to close the second hour and discuss the rolling blackouts in Southern California. She thinks that economically enhanced prototype communities need to be given power before the poorer communities.

Clara Bingham wrapped up the show to discuss kids with ADD. She thinks that they need to be bound and gagged witha  blackboard eraser, a sock, some panties, whatever… It is called a sesnory redirection.

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