Hour 1: Bob Green said he forwarded an email portraying Michelle Obama as a monkey to some coworkers. He’s upset that people are calling him about it. Larry said people who went public with it are causing the problem. Then more talk about politics.

Hour 2: Phil starts of this hour talking about drivers who drive in the passing lane. Then he took a call from a listener. Some news. A story about the death of a bass player from Iron Butterfly. More commentary.

Hour 3: First half of the hour,Harvey Wireman said he is donating a $800,000 to a youth center for disabled deaf kids. After the story came out about the priest molesting 200 deaf kids, Harvey made a joke saying that’s gotta be the deaf boy record. Another attorney heard that and reported Harvey to a judge. The judge recommended he be fined, so now Harvey is withdrawing his donation. Second half of the hour there is some news and commentary.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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    Show Synopsis:

    In the first hour Bob Green of Frazier Foods joins the program to talk about the Michelle Obama email which portrayed her as an ape, which he had forwarded to some associates. When it comes out that he holds some racist views of his own. In the second hour, Phil talks about a mother mad that her daughter got an abortion without her consent, traffic problems, and good old Georgia. In the final hour, retired lawyer Harvey Wireman joined the program to talk about an unfortunate joke he made talking about 200 deaf kids that were molested. His joke: "I’ll bet that’s the deaf boy record."

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    Phil’s show has always been about current events. A lot of RC Collins beating his chest when the war kicked off, Bob Greene when there is some publicity for giving away beach balls and spatula to victims of natural disasters, Margaret Grey when there is a lot of ‘campaign gossip’….etc. In the news its all politics, left vs right more than ever before. I am glad Phil is finally saying what he wnats to say and not restricted to the format of his old show. I love both new and old Phil. Keep kickin ass Phil.

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    This show is nowhere near as funny as it used to be. Phil sounds pissed off and tired. Don’t get me wrong…it’s funnier that most B.S. out there, but I think the 2002-2006 era was the best. The show is definitely more political than ever, but obviously Phil knows that and that’s the direction he’s chosen to head. Personally, I listen to his schtick (sp?) for one reason only…too laugh my ass off. I find myself listening to the old stuff way more than his current stuff.

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    I like at least an hour of Phil’s political humor. He’s the only guy out there with a brain right now.

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    I like it when Phil includes political content. I think his point of view is one that is shared by many, but is under represented in the media.

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    Thur 3/25 hours 2 & 3, i never laughed. I’m a huge Hendrie fan, but his political comedy is not funny compared to his old stuff. Phil, drop the political comedy, its not funny!!

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