Hour 1: Phil starts out this hour with news and commentary. The second half Phil interviews Adam Corolla.

Hour 2: Curt Queedy and Guy Barton from the West Virginia State Legislature come on the show to say at first they were against the healthcare law. But after the tea party people started threatening people they are now for it. It shows how disrespectful the tea people are. More politics talk and other news.

Hour 3: Steve Bosell explains that there was a dance at his daughter’s school, his daughter was on the planning committee. Steve mentioned to his daughter that her friend, who is gay, made the choice to be that way. He then was called into the classroom for re-education. An 11 year old boy said Steve was a repressed homosexual. The girl wants to dress up as a boy, use the boy’s bathroom, and take a boy dressed up as a girl to the dance.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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    Show synopsis:

    In the first hour Phil talks a little about politics and health care and then is joined by friend Adam Carolla, who tells Jay Santos that he is "doing the Lord’s work." In hour two Curt Qweedy and Guy Barton from the West Virginia State Legislature join the show and they talk about how they may be changing their views on politics. After hearing Rush Limbaugh they felt "roly-polled" and they may be changing sides and joining the Tea Party. In the final hour, Steven Bosell from Corona, California, comes on the program to talk about how he was ordered to go to re-education at his daughter’s school due to his saying that a lesbian’s sexual preference may be a lifestyle choice and not an orientation from birth.

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    I shall take my punishment peacefully.

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    Devin, you now must kiss "the gunner’s daughter" ….take him below for the makings…

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    A comic genius! I’ve been following you since 1999!

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    The site is BITCHIN’

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    I love the "room." This fits the only show on radio worth listening to. Since I gave up soda forever, I won’t even miss the pennies.

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    Dude, Phil. I feel like I owe you the ultimate apology for this night. I don’t want to go into details just in case I may be wrong, but the way you were taking calls during the second hour has led me to believe that I may have contributed to the pandemonium that ensued then. Especially during the commercial breaks. Now, I see why you blocked me on FB. I had no intention of doing harm to your craft and beg for forgiveness, provided you know what I’m referring to.

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