Hour 1:

“Solutions USA” Brad Rifkin of Solutions USA joins the program. Brad sells a “backyard energy locator” that can help you find oil or mineral deposits on your own land, WHILE you’re working off the fat!!

Hour 2:

Nationally syndicated columnist Margaret Gray joins the program, she claims the Elian Gonzalez incident has affected her menstrual cycle and caused her to beat her own son.

Hour 3:

Phil rants about his checks from Premiere bouncing, affiliates canceling the show, and Sears horrible customer service. Lloyd Bonifide joins the program to comment on the Supreme Court ruling requiring strippers to wear pasties and a g-string… Lloyd fee

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  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    If people want to go looking for oil on their own, they may want to review the type of geologic structures that can store oil and gas. Geologic “Chevron” formations and salt domes:

  • Avatar

    “You probably flow all month.”LMAO

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