Hour 1:

After Phil says a prayer live on the show, program director David G. Hall slams Phil for offending people of all religions and ruining his chances of sponsorship by “Le Bon Femme”, an after hour gentlemens club.

Hour 2:

PHS Flashback: “Skippy & Frank Sports Talk Show.” Dave Oliva joins the program, he thinks there should be warning labels on bottles of alcohol the same way there are warnings on cigarettes. Dave wants to sue the alcohol company Seagrams because he feels t

Hour 3:

Phil discusses restaurants in Malibu vs. restaurants in East LA. Phil talks about his step-kids almost breaking the pool table. The PHS presents… “Bud Dickman’s Top 10 Head Injuries.” Lil’ Ian Anderson sheds some light on the death of John Bonham of Led

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    HA ha, Dickman kicked your ass!

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