Classic Hour

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Phil’s still sick but getting better….maybe. Here we present an encore from 2014, March 7th. Bobbie Dooley defends her religious freedom and the Easter festival Western Estates is mounting, drawing heavily on “the fertility festival of the tree sloth.”

The BSP Classic Hour is from September 2003. Jim Sadler intimidates people driving slow in left lane. He flashes the high beams and lays on the horn.

Episode 1370 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Nothing better than Sadler, with his freakishly huge bicep, holding his pinky in his mouth, speeding pass slow drivers, yelling “OH YEAH!” out the window.

  • Chris

    Two classic shows. “I’m ripped”

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    Classic hour is one of my favorite Sadler bits.

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    Get better my man! I’ve been listening to 2005 from Jan. 1, just started April. 50 hour work weeks gets me 5 shows a day. Planning on downloading the whole archive into my grey matter. I suggest you all do the same!!

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    Speedy recovery, buddy.

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    Anouther rerun? Actually I’ve been too busy to listen to the show for the last week…so I don’t mind the reruns…less to catch up on! Get well Phil.

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    jason bell

    Gloria Grover bangs non overlord members on the dirt floor of a tool shed and is in perfect health.

  • Brian Bradford
    Brian Bradford

    Get better Phil.

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    Uh oh, the whiners aren’t going to like it!

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