RC Collins kicked off the show to say that “just say no to sex” is full of it. Teens NEED sex, because otherwise horomones will force them to have sex with animals.

Larry Grover joined us in the second hour. He didn’t show up for work because he’s too depressed about the GOP Senator switching parties.

Harvey Wireman and some other characters called in to sue Phil for making them so fucked up.

Phil then went on a rant about the “no nukes” protests of the ’70s, classic rock acts doing only new songs live, Newport Beach’s noise laws, kids being coddled, Fox Sports show, and his childhood trip to Canada.

Bud Dickman wrapped up the show with his Weekly Top 10.

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    The character revolt is beyond classic.
    One of the best imho
    Needed Hong Kong Charlie

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    John Milone

    Phil, I cried, I almost stroked out with Grover. And then Wireman came on with everyone, I damn near died!!! And the best part is, I’m writing from the future…

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