Lloyd Bonafide started the show to discuss his new bumper sticker, “My Grandkid is Cuter Than Yours”. That’s a slap in the face of Veterans with grandkids.

Phil closed the first hour with a rant about auditioning for TV shows.

Ted Bell kicked off the second hour to tell Phil that he got a ticket for driving on the shoulder. His dilemma is whether to get the cop fired. He’ll give $100 to the Policeman’s Ball if a cop comes to restaurant and signs off on the ticket.

Bobbie closed the show to discuss lesbian porno. She caught her son with gay (lesbian) porno. Her husband thinks it’s OK because it’s two women and not two men. Steve was watching porn with his buddies and beer in the other room.

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    It’s in the 3rd hour when he’s talking to a caller.

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      Daniel Stewart

      GET A ROOM YOU TWO! (just kiddin’)

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    It’s like finding a hidden treasure when Phil almost loses it laughing mid bit. Love Hr 3. It’s a perfect example of why Phil will always be – the man.

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