Starting out tonight Justin McElroy, a 17 year old high school junior, talked with Phil about a paper he did for his social sciences class. It was his opinion that the New Jersey people who named their kids “Adolph Hitler” and “Aryan Nations” had the right to do so and should not have had their children taken from them.

Later Justins father, Dan McElroy, a man who made millions operating a “string of assisted living centers for seniors” came on the show to call out Phil and others for the way he believed Phil treated his son. At issue was whether or not RC Collins used the term “gloidamac” (the combination of ‘mongoloid’ and ‘maniac’) in referring to Justin. He had not but had used “gloidiac.” As the result of Justin lying his type A father beat his ass.

Margaret Grey believes Bill O’Reilly is working with Mary Katharine Ham just so he can eventually call his show “Bill O’Reilly and his Ham.”

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    Its simple, Obama will win because:

    A) Incumbants always win
    B) The repeublicans have spent the last six months in a protracted Three Stooges bit, poking each other in the eyes and tweaking their noses. Not exactly vote-inspiring.

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    Eat my face.

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    Do you just jabber on acting all animated and emotional about your opinions and then once the moment has passed you neither acknowledge , defend or explain what you preached and whether it has any validity what so ever in reality?

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    Hey Phil,

    You spent an entire hour two months ago explaining how and why Obama will get reelected. In your didactic tone full of conviction, your clear voice and resolute personality explained how he will win the reelection again please!!!!!. Could you please spend another hour again explaining why Obama will get reelected I am a little concerned. So please spend the next third hour reassuring me with your advanced intellect and vocabulary that everyting will be ok.

    Thank you and god bless. Because he, you and us are the people we have been waiting for!!!!

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    Sorry about that, folks. We'll have the proper videocast uploaded shortly. In the meantime, check out the freshly converted DATs from 2001:

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    Um… I'm glad the video still exists from last year. But the videocast is OLD. At least a year old. Where's last night's?

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