Tonight Steve Bosell of Corona California joined Phil for a frank discussion of what effect the mauling of a Miami man had on Steve’s psyche and ability to just get through the day. He told Phil and his audience he needs to “get away to a friends fishing lodge in Ontario, Canada to process everything.” Vernon Dozier called to taunt Steve with the accusation that he needs his “MAMA!”

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police joined the show to discus “The Frankenstien Stroll” and other CAP techniques that he would have employed in subduing the Miami “cannibal” including one in which he would headlock the perpetrator and then twist his head from right to left “like in the movie ‘In The Line Of Fire.’


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    put some sun screen on your noggin phil.

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    It's hilarious how Jay talks about ripping a man's head off and he won't even feel it. And he needs Major Elvis Newton to help him hang up the phone. Hilarious!

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    More Jay Santos!

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    i will keep my out for you…,,,,, just face it,,, lets have a face off,,,, on the face of it,,,, face facts,,, look ,,, its ok to eat a face,, if your a Bakersfield chimp or a homeless dude in Miami,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, PS,, i just cant get enough of Debby Daley……………..

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