Reverand David Castorini shared with Phil’s audience the honesty he believes qualifies him as the messenger of God’s word. He told Phil that he was “very, very, very interested in Chelsea Handler” but was not aroused by her and it botherd him she dates only black men.

We had Ray Orloff of the “US Taxpayers Republic” protesting the “waste of taxpayers money reopening the investigation into the death of Natalie Wood. As a way of protesting this Orloff said his group would keep telling an old joke over and over again. “What kind of wood doesn’t float!?….2, 3, 4……Natalie Wood!”

With Margaret Grey, Frank Grey, Austin Amarka and Mavis Leonard singing an old spiritual “Loaded With The STD”.

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    Mavis's STD spiritual was one of the all time great PHS moments. I laughed my guts loose. Keep it up Phil!!!

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