Herb Sewell weighs in on the Penn State/Sandusky situation with a dilemma of his own. He is a convicted child molester but he has also joined a nudist colony. “What are the parameters,” he asks “if I’m playing volleyball and things are swaying this way and that and someone walking with their kid recognizes me?”

Charlie LeFountain reprises his “One Step” appearance. Charlie believes we can make kids safe from predators by encouraging them not to bath, brush their teeth or wipe. The smell alone will keep pedophiles at bay, says Charlie.

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    Sandusky's own lack of dental hygiene is what "seasons" him for any stank he may encounter. Lack of bathing etc…is not going to keep this guy off the kinder.
    Have you seen his choppers? Disgusting. And if you compare photos of him from now to when he started his charity Second Mile, he has had some dental work done but it ain't good. Big yellow choppers. Ick.

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    Yes phil!!!!!!! I said to my friend when that penn state story broke how I couldn't wait for Herb to discuss it hahaha.. just like when mj was in the news an herb was all over that

    Bob911 – i suspect you may be a sandusky victim, sucks bro. move on

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    bob911 never fails to crack me up… dude is both funny as hell and sporadic.

    a true phan would relax and realize that its a bait. The sicker the story, the more Phil will milk it strike at ppl's cords.

    nothing deeper than that… sit back and revel in the madness

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    sorry to say, but i want more sickness from herb sewell… the thing is, sandusky is very, very ill, and he makes herb seem rather tame… and if coach dozier could come in with eye witnessing sodomy but wanted to win the big game…. wow… but i think i understand the artistic problem… sponsors, radio managers… there's no way you can have a dialogue between sewell and dozier about how anal intercourse at halftime made the team perform better… and that oral sex from a coach helped the field goal kicker get it through the uprights… sorry phil, but herb and dozier are as sanitized as sandusky and penn state would want them to be… you could also do something about paterno forgetting he has a dick…

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    Pretty good string of hilarious shows. I'm laughing as much as 2005! Already ruined a keyboard from spitting water while laughing. Love Margaret's new go to hell comments. Someone up above needs to listen to some old Herb Sewells. This was mild in comparison but still pretty damn funny.

  • blouseclowns

    Sewell/Bellhaven 2012

    Listen to some archives.

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    re-freaking-lax…it's bait for the callers man…

    lofl at the "half-regalia" reference….i believe the slang term is shirt-cocking…;))

    always love to hear Herb…but why did you drop the nervous laughter he used to do??…the other sound of dumb he makes if funny…but try to mix in the laughter as well…

    Long live Murrey Hamilton!!!!!!!!

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    cant believe we have not heard jeff dowder reporting from one these oc wall st rally's. he would fit right in sparking owl ….

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    This show is so weird I don't know what to think! Its makes me very uncomfortable that I am listening to a pedophiles view of molesting children. Not funny, nor entertaining . I don't know?Am I being to judgmental? I guess the more outrages he is ,the more people listen on the web site. I still think the show tonight is sick and he should move on to something different. Unless he gets his personal rocks off as a rich fuck that has the money to get anything he wants. If you read between the lines of his own words , Well I will just leave it at that.

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