The show kicks off with Chef Carl Chodillia and Rudy Canosa making amends after the Chef’s verbal outlash yesterday. Then Phil discusses the book about the worldwide movement of hackers that operates under the non-name Anonymous, “Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy.” Rudy and Mavis then debate Trump’s upcoming appearance on SNL. And RC Collins comes on the show to talk about the long lost Mickey Mouse movie.

Episode 505 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Mavis Leonard predicted the future.

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    gail thomas

    Hi Phil, listening since 2000, the best comedy. I am wondering what your thoughts are on The Shaggs. I like to hear you talk about Ash Grove, especially Mance Lipscomb.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      The Shaggs were representative of that niche in rock and roll occupied by bands with extremely limited talents but with parental-type benefactors willing to bankroll their record-making efforts to the point that they gain a kind of novelty prominence

  • Chris

    I’m trying to get work done here, but this damn show keeps distracting me with funny shit!
    I could see Ted trying to compete with Hong Kong Charlie on the holiday charity impoverished kid-feeding front with increasingly chaotic and inappropriate breakfasts.

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    It’s always great to hear RC on the show. I just wish he was on more often.

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    Good show today. I love when Bud gets all assertive–“Excuse me, I think I have the floor”!!!! Also, I seem to remember him calling Margaret “my good woman” on a show once! The book by an anthropologist about Anonymous sounds fascinating, especially in terms of the historical “trickster” paradigm. (I believe Puck is a hobgoblin, and hobgoblins were well known tricksters in Medieval times, prior to the Renaissance, as well as in Shakespeare’s day.)

  • TwiceRemoved77

    The *individual tones*, produced when hitting each number on the key pad (what you don’t hear now on a cell phone) I believe is what Phil was trying to describe, and Bud was having a heyday alliterating. Funny as fuck though!

  • Bernie G
    Bernie G

    Great show!

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    jason bell

    Get a load of this! Hey, I’m talking to a guy here …

  • Andrew

    Excellent panel today my good man. I’ve been wondering if Rudy will be installing the fog horn in the Prime Rib Room at some point. Rudy wants to protect his new bar stools and Ted just thinks too many fat people milling around a bar like cattle eating free peanuts and pretzels is bad for business. Chef Carl later walks in and hilarity ensues.

  • Bonnie

    The character RC was taking about was a pre-cursor to Mickey Mouse. It was a character called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

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    Larry Speers

    hey phil I was looking on the imdb page you are not listed that sucks…what are the characters you play on it I would watch just because you are doing it

  • Jamie Roxx
    Jamie Roxx

    for the Pre-Show:
    Wolf married actress Faye Dunaway in 1974. The marriage ended in divorce in 1979.

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