Phil and the panel recap yesterday’s “Love Songs” with Chris Putay. Chef Carl Chodillia joins with his recipe of the day, but Ted interrupts Carl’s segment to discuss his annual school kid breakfast. Then Jack and Bret of the Milwaukee Lions check in with an update about Beef Harris. Mavis Leonard closes the show with her thoughts on Trump.

Episode 504 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    jason bell

    Ted taking a sidebar to mock obese children had me in tears.

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    Mark Aaron

    WOW! Fantastic Show! One of the funniest to date! Thank you for making my work day a little easier to handle.


  • Bonnie

    John Tesh is everywhere man. He has a syndicated radio show called Intelligence for your life. In fact it’s on weeknights on KBBY in Ventura. He even had a TV show on somewhere.
    The show was very funny today.

  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    My favorite line was “yea I dig homeboy” – General Gayland Shaw.

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    jason bell

    I’m excited to hear Phil and Greg Turkington. Neil Hamburge has turned Twitter into his own personal tool of genius. Hands down the funniest account I’ve ever read.

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