Hour 1:

Don Parsley is on tonight claiming he rescued a deaf girl from a burning building. David G. Hall calls in and asks Phil…”is your material going to be as bad as your Don Parsley bit for the next 6 weeks?” He only mentions it as Phil will be rehearsing and filming Fillmore Middle for the next 6 weeks. You will have to tune in to see if what David thinks is true or whether Phil the comedy genius will pull it off.

Hour 2:

R.C. Collins wants to be in the 101st Airborne. But R.C. does not want to stop wearing his earrings…and for sure does not want to stop dying his hair. Listeners are outraged as they believe R.C. needs to grow up and follow the rules. Many people think R.C. won’t last a week.

Hour 3:

Phil plays a listener flashback off the Best of 2000 C.D. called Greenskeeper. Dean Wheeler comes on the show because of his new job. He is a telemarketer. He thinks people enjoy receiving calls at night, interrupting their family time.

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    Don Sloan

    Yes, the enraged greenskeeper is a Top 10 Classic. // Hr 1: I LMAO every time I hear a Don Parsley bit. I suspect he is a failed politician.

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    That enraged greenskeeper is classic. Right up there with Jay Santos beltsanding the vans.

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