Hour 1:

Chris Pootay’s Love Songs is coming thru the airwaves…he’s taking love song requests. Chris decided to make is intern change his flat tire. David G. Hall calls in asking Phil why he starts a show with depressing stories. He tells Phil that his dad threw a fork at his mom…so David decides to get even and sends Dr. Toins to zap Phil.

Hour 2:

Margaret Gray is on to discuss her new book “Game Over” In her book she tells her readers that women who get plastic surgery are desperate to get laid. Women are outraged and mad that Margaret would say such a thing.

Hour 3:

Dave Oliva is on to tell Phil he is tired of the stupid auto responder. Dave thinks it is impersonal. Billy Johnson and Tom are on tonight. Bill is outgoing, and Tom is depressed…funny thing is they are on air host of a sports show.

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