Ted Bell opens the show to talk about a little mishap he had with some jalapeño peppers and also his efforts working with the “happy wanderers.” Dave Oliva comes on the show to discuss the possible legalization of marijuana. And Debbie Daley comes on to celebrate her five year anniversary on public radio.

Episode 495 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Ohhhhh GOD I can’t quit laughing I’LL SEE YOU IN HELL

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    The forest fire and mountain chicken bit was some funny shit.

  • Darren Webb
    Darren Webb

    The Debbie Daley/general Shaw bit is absolutely hysterical!!!
    Instant classic

  • TwiceRemoved77

    This whole show was great! Gotta listen again today before today’s show.

  • SSWOYER1969

    Debbie,Debbie,Debbie,lol!! Get Debbie up in the helicopter with Bob for traffic report,lol!

  • Chris

    Those jalapenos can be brutal. My dad was chopping some up too close to running hot water. He inhaled the steam and was on a variety of inhalers for several months after. He said it took about a year for him to shake it completely off and breathe normally.

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      Enzo the Baker

      wow that sounds awful but I can see that happening, the capsaicin in the jalapenos using the steam as transport directly into his lungs.

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