Chef Carl Chodillia joins the show with a new recipe: deep fried zucchini. Then Don Micksa reports on the top hipster cities in America. Larry Grover tries to describe the “big pivot” the Republican party is taking away from Hillary. And Steve Bosell closes things out with a confused discussion on civil disobedience.

Episode 494 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Chris

    Don’s hipster ideas had me rolling. “Garbage” “Linkin Park”. Carl was great too. All around great show.

  • Brena

    Phil, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was good.

  • Avatar

    Briiliant episode!

    I certainly wouldn’t be against the occasional General Gaylon Shaw Commie Trial

  • Andrew

    Whoa Phil did you see that Jenna Fischer from The Office responded to your ‘Texas’ tweet? Science of the funny candidate right there, and gorgeous to boot.

  • Brent

    Phil if you were a Three Dog Night fan maybe you could play a few of their songs during the opening of tomorrows show in memory of Cory Wells who passsed away today. He was one of three lead singers ( at the same time) the band had and sang lead or backup on almost every one of the bands dozens of hits.

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