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Thursday, October 3, 2002

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Thursday, October 3, 2002

HR 1 – Though his company makes 6.5 million a year from dealings with Iraqi companies, Dean Wheeler maintains that he is against the Iraq war for humanitarian reasons only and has created a national campaign by writing a letter for young children telling them that their parents may die in a war with Iraq if they do not sign the letter and send it to President Bush. “Why is this letter signed by Wheeler Import/Export Ltd?!”  Father James McQuarters returns to share word of the Catholic Soldiers of Peace.

HR 2 – Harvey Wireman weighs in about the women who want access into Augusta National Golf club.  Larry Grover discusses the way cheerleads “nag” men.  Phil discusses how to be canonized as well as what is and is not a miracle.  In a little bit of fun for the callers, Phil encourages callers to do their best rendition of the monologue that Anthony Hopkins delivers to Agent Starling when she first meets Hannibal Lecter.  A repeat of how Bobby doesn’t want to donate her designer clothes to the battered women shelter because she doesn’t want women with facial bruises wearing her bold clothes as they take a ride down a flight of stairs.


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