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Friday, October 4, 2002

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Friday, October 4, 2002

HR 1 – The truth behind “shock jocks” like Oppie and Anthony, bombers, and serial killers. Phil plays ‘ Queer or Near Queer’ with a caller followed by the Skippy and Frank morning Show where Skippy pretends to be Chandra Levy calling her parents resulting in their firing.  Similarly, Phil gets a call from David G. Hall, criticizing his Skippy + Frank Satire. RC Collins requests that the American people overlook underage “relations” for those fighting in Iraq, even if it’s against her will.
HR 2 – REPEAT – Dean Wheeler from 10/3. Chris Norton will appear before Congress to blame Budweiser for him going home with a “bush pig” after trying the beer for the first time.  “He’s got Billy Goat all over him.”Phil wonders which Sopranos characters won’t survive season 4 and discusses children of famous actors and directors never doing as well because they’re constantly being compared to their parents. Phil reads ESPN’s Top Ten Things That Have Got To Stop (including my favorite, the Tomahawk chop). “There’d be a fight in section H”


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