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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Author Dr. Jack Belanger is interviewed. His book “A Voice For The Voiceless” basically states that forcing an infant to nurse from a breast that the night before was being used for sex is sick. Bobbie Dooley says her husband Steve is caught in the #MeToo movement.

The BSP Classic Hour is from December 1999. Raj Faneen joins the program to discuss a fender bender he was involved in with a woman who had a “jesus fish” on her car.

Episode 1260 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Avatar

    Before I listened to this pastor rennick bit I used to think Doug Dannger was my favorite

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Why does every show someone say GD?

    • Nicholas

      This is an adult show. Not sure how the cussing is the most offensive to your Christlike ears?

      • Avatar

        Swearing can be funny when it’s well place. Leaning on it like a crutch isn’t.

  • Brian Seldt
    Brian Seldt

    WTF up w the Belanger bit? It wasn’t funny, it was disgusting and gross! Where did you get the idea for this?

    • TwiceRemoved77

      Now the next time you hear about someone breastfeeding their baby, you can say to them “did you clean it off first?”

  • P. Allgood
    P. Allgood

    Great stuff. I know Phil says he enjoys doing the netcast format better these days, but if this episode were on the air, I can see this one getting some great phone calls! Nice!

  • Avatar
    Dan Green

    Instant classic. Dr. Jack Belanger: hilarious! Thank you!

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