Hour 1:

Phil talks about TV Shows and merchandising rights. Jay Santos and the Citizens Auxiliary Police are stopping women in local malls and checking them for menopause symptoms.

Hour 2:

Aspiring LAPD officer Dave Oliva says the police has the right to expect privacy when they’re “kicking a guys head in” and that if we keep videotaping cops they might not want to do their jobs anymore. Phil talks about the Olympics and the Soviet Union.

Hour 3:

Vice president of Syndication David G. Hall wants Phil to do a “Judge Phil” segment on his show where he calls people dirtbags, scumbags, and whores. Phil talks about the Jethro Tull and the difficulty with his website.

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    vaginal dryness?!? hahahahaha

  • John Burkett
    John Burkett

    The old bag from Apple Valley is a hoot! I had to listen twice to this bit it was so funny!!!

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