Hour 1:

Travel agent Colleen Kristen Brewster is offering a “Last Hurrah” cruise for seniors which activities include filling out a living will and the option of cremation. Combover Boy wants to know why women don’t react when he wants to make love to them.

Hour 2:

Bob Green wants to raise money for mental retardation by putting handicapped kids on exhibit, feeding them “Mongo Chow”, and charging people for admittance. Phil talks about having to go to court for drinking on a public beach.

Hour 3:

Dodger Baseball with Ross Porter and Rick Monday… tonight it’s the Dodgers vs. the Parkinson’s Disease All-Stars. Phil discusses Mike Tyson, the “My Twins” catalogue, and “stunt baby.”

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  • Scott Eric
    Scott Eric


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    Evan Gentry

    Haha wow this one got dark Phil. Offering a gloid some mongo chow. Holy shit.

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