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Thursday, September 29, 2005

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Hour 1:

Brad Rifkin comes on to tell Phil the school does not want him to carpool. He also tells Phil it is because he keeps harassing a boy in the carpool. Callers phone in and tell Brad he is a bully, and says it is not nice. One callers goes so far as to say he belongs in jail.

Hour 2:

Brass Villanueva is on to talk about how he almost drowned and how 2 lifeguards gave him C.P.R. Of course he thinks something was wrong with the way they handled it and says he was double teamed. Callers get annoyed and call Phil and Brass saying he is an idiot for wanting to die rather than receive C.P.R. because he is Mexican. Gabby believes Brass is insecure! Phil closes the hour with what is coming up in the remaining 2 hours.

Hour 3:

High School football coach Vernon Dozier is putting steroids in his players smoothies without them knowing.


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