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Friday, September 30, 2005

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Hour 1:

Chris Norton is on to talk about shooting his film "Fahrenheit 69." He is upset that he was asked by the local fire department to evacuate during his porn shoot. Chris believes he should be reimbursed for the interruption. Callers get upset with Chris claiming he should not be reimbursed because the fire department was acting on procedure. Lloyd Bonafide calls in and is upset with Chris' sex film. Lloyd's daughter got into porn and she came home with sores.

Hour 2:

David Hall is on to make Phil tell everyone about the books he is reading. David believes this will prove Phil is out of touch. Listeners think David is an idiot and tell Phil he can read whatever he wants. Don Berman joins Phil to talk about the fire mask he is wearing because of the fire. Phil cannot understand Don but Bud can. Ted Williams Head is on to discuss steroids. Phil and Bud make head jokes.

Hour 3:

Art Griego is on with Phil to discuss the fires. He used to be a fire fighter. He says he would let some fires just burn. Callers believe Art is a racist and an absolute idiot. R.C. Collins is on to discuss Bill Bennett. Bill Bennett said if you abort all the black babies there would be less crime. Bud agrees.


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