Margaret Grey came on praising a New York City elementary school teacher who admitted in a September 7th blog that she had worked as a prostitute. It takes a certain kind of tough woman to do that in the name of supporting herself so she can be a teacher some day. Not a bad role model for other young women, said Margaret. When Phil asked her how she’d feel about a life like that for any daughter of hers Margaret told him “Well of course that wouldn’t be for my daughter. I can’t have that given the time I spend exposed in the media. But for other women’s daughters I think it’s a great opportunity.

The next hour it was Professor Emory Clayton who told Phil it’s racist for a white man to hang a black effigy from his tree on halloween but it’s not for a black man to hang a white one. The reason? All ghouls and goblins are white. “Dracula was a white man,” says Professor Clayton.

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    I liked the Margret segment. A bit more outlandish that what he has been doing-ie. funnier.

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    Geez….nice LSD trip music to start.

    How did the videocast start with Phil nowhere in sight? Does he just have it as a scheduled task of one of the computers?

    I'm starting to see tracks, this music is too groovy.

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